Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Using Web 2 Tools

1. Opened iGoogle to read my blogs
2. Read a post by David Warlick describing "Web Tools 4 U 2 Use" wiki
3. The topics on the Web Tools 4 U 2Use include Audio & Podcasting, Blogs, Calendars, Management & To Do Lists, Drawing, Charting & Mapping Tools, and much more.
4. Here is a quiz that I found on the Quiz and Polling Tools page

Friday, April 11, 2008

Social networks in Education

I have been reading about Ning networks as a way to share ideas with others.

Classroom 2.0 is a Ning for educators who are interested in Web 2 and collaborative technologies.

Read this blog posted on the Classroom 2.0 site which describes how students used art, videos and blogs to focus attention on social issues in their community. Creating networks of purpose

The IL-TCE social network continued the discussion and collaboration following the 2008 Conference.

We are going to explore the possibility of creating a Ning network for a student project and invite the parents to participate.

  • Forum for students, teachers, and parents
  • Collaboration
  • Sharing