Sunday, January 11, 2009

Building a Digital Locker: Personal Learning Networks Explained | Edutopia

Vicki Davis's recent article in Edutopia described how her students use PLN for their research projects. Before reading this article, I always thought of a PLN as a way for teachers to organize their personal learning.

Vicki Davis describes the benefits of student created PLN. The students become responsible for their own learning and develop information-management skills.

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"I think the ability to create a PLN is a fundamental information-management skill that will help my students succeed in the future."

"With PLNs, we can now empower the personalized learning we've been longing to bring to education."

"I'm thrilled that my students know how to connect efficiently to great sources of information and can now construct an environment that will make them lifelong learners. And, truly, creating a self-directed learner is the pinnacle of educational achievement."

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