Monday, February 9, 2009

VoiceThread Groups

Pro and Ed.VoiceThread members
  • create and manage a Group
  • add anyone to their group
  • 'Drag-n-Drop' people from your contacts list into a group
  • 'Drag-n-Drop' people from other groups into another group
  • Email or post the group 'sign up link' to allow anyone with this link to join the group


S. Bolos said...

I love how VT keeps trying to improve the use experience, but I hope they keep the same quality of service.

I recently uploaded a PPT to share with an entire class of students. I made sure I sent them an email invitation. TWICE. But no one got it!

When a student logged on in front of me, she had the invited VT in her stable of presentations, but no invitation. Maybe it's our school spam filter???

Mary Ann said...

The email invitation worked with Outlook because I had received an invitation to participate in the voicethread. (I am a member of your class group)

Try sending the new Group sign-up link directly to the students via their email or posting it on your blog.