Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good by Slideshows. Hello Animoto.

Quick and easy way to create a video of your pictures.

Animoto provides you and your students with the tools you need to organize the pictures and add music. (The free Animoto Short version limits you to a 30 second video.)
1. Upload your pictures
2. Arrange your pictures
3. Select your music
4. Tell Animoto to render your movie
5. Share your video - post to blog, embed on web page, email the link, etc.


sherill.maddox via said...

I love Animoto! I've used this as a yearbook project to create slideshows of students and organizations. The photography studio that took my daughter's senior pictures uses it to create a show of their proofs - most excellent! I'm going to use it this coming year in my classroom as an option for presenting our photo essay projects.

Mary Ann said...

Great ideas for using Animoto! Thanks for sharing.